Our Firm

Our Mission

The Christian Wyatt Group team is dedicated to helping financial professionals and companies reach their full potential. Our strength derives from an honest, timely, relationship-driven approach that combines best-in-class recruiting practices and continuous training to provide an exceptional level of service to every client and candidate.

Our History

The Christian Wyatt Group was built to focus on our passion for the Banking vertical, working primarily Retained Executive Search with $0 to $20B Community and Small Regional Banks Nationwide.

Known as “MR Dominion” from 2012 to 2022, the Christian Wyatt group specializes in placing top performers in the banking industry with the Accounting, Finance, Audit, Risk, Technology, and Credit & Compliance functions. We are credited with engineering “the best career move I ever made” for countless CFO’s, Chief Accounting Officers, Treasurers, Asset & Liability Managers, Corporate Finance, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Audit Executives, and CIO’s (amongst others.)

Founded in 2012, this company has been the culmination of a life-long vision of our Founder, Greg Barlow.

As Greg grew the company and a sterling reputation with his diligent approach to Contingent and Retained search, he knew a boost was needed to serve the number of organizations and people it was capable of helping. In January of 2020, that boost came in the form of Joe Souder, a bank recruiting veteran of 20+ years whom Greg hired as a Director to round out our expertise on Credit, Compliance, and Risk searches, all within the Banking and Financial Services vertical. This has manifested in multiple record years as a firm, both in traditional fiscal metrics, but also in our ability to impact even more clients and candidates throughout the country. We are consistently ranked the Top 3% of all Management Recruiters International® affiliates around the world.

Christian Wyatt Group is established in 2023.

As Greg enters his 24th year of recruiting and 13th year leading his own firm, his continued passion is to be a firm that profoundly impacts our client banks as they grow and on the lives of the professionals we represent. The key to our customers’ satisfaction is our banking expertise that represents our clients well in the marketplace, and provides a robust cross-section of the talented ‘up and comers’ in the industry. Delivering all of this in a collaborative manner has driven success and satisfaction for our clients.

Our Leadership Team

At Christian Wyatt Group, we love helping talented individuals and visionary companies to reach their full potential. Our success is rooted in our relentless willingness to do the work, building trust-based relationships, treating people like people and keeping our word. Our long-term, repeat clients, with firms on one side and candidates on the other, thrive on our timely follow up, concise feedback, and ongoing awareness of their needs. They might play in a world of numbers, but we’re proof that authentic, long-term relationships are the key to success.

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