Our Industry Expertise


Our firm’s leaders have over two decades of recruitment experience within the banking industry. Whether it’s fulfilling a critical senior management vacancy within your staff or strategically upgrading executive leadership talent for next stage growth initiatives, Christian Wyatt Group is uniquely qualified to represent your bank discreetly within the banking industry. Leaning on years of experience, we can provide important counsel in best practices and most current solutions for sourcing and landing the right industry talent today.

Financial Services

Outside of traditional banking, there are many financial services companies that provide similar, but alternate products and services that are necessary to the overall financial ecosystem. The talent pool for these companies often parallels the banking industry, so naturally Christian Wyatt Group has successfully partnered with many financial services companies in finding top-tier talent. Clients have included stand-alone mortgage lenders, loan servicers, consumer lenders and consulting firms.


In recent years, our firm has partnered with strategic FinTech firms that offered products and services that either directly helped our banking and financial services clients or were altogether outside of the target market for traditional banks. Christian Wyatt Group leveraged its experience from the banking and financial services industries we serve to find talent possessing next generation skills but with proven understanding and experience of the history of the financial industry.